Some have said that Covid-19 has merely accelerated the pace of inevitable change in our towns and only the fittest will survive.
We don’t share that opinion and welcome the greater use of words like ‘localism’, ‘community’, ‘unique’ and ‘speciality’.

Every town has the potential to be unique and offer something of value to its community and visitors – you might just have to dig a bit harder in some cases to uncover and then realise that potential.

We have created a unique approach to uncovering and realising potential through the use of our roadmap. If you want an ‘off the shelf’ methodology that appears to have worked for another town, and expect it to be relevant to your circumstances, you will be disappointed.

‘One size fits all’ does not work if you, like us, genuinely believe in the words above.

Our roadmap will help you navigate the journey towards what is right for your town and ultimately realise your vision for a better, healthier, and more successful town.

The #bettertowns consortium can bring additional insights, targeted research and intelligence through its partnership with the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), a collaboration of UK universities and a global leader in independent research. This partnership will be brought to bear on a case by case basis to support the creation or execution of a vision for your town. The CDRC also contributes to our ‘open source’ virtual library to help raise the level of awareness and understanding of issue affecting towns and their communities throughout the UK.